Horses inspire us.
Horses open our hearts.
Horses enliven our souls.
Animals encourage us to connect with how we're really feeling (our emotions) because they don't judge us.

To horses, emotion is simply information. Because horses are preyed upon in nature, they maintain a highly developed ability to respond to subtle changes in the stance, muscle tension, heart rate and breathing of others. Horses know when to move to safety (i.e. take appropriate action) and when to go back to grazing (i.e. relax). This is an ability they easily teach humans during EFEL. Horses aid us in dislodging unconscious destructive behaviour patterns & offer the opportunity to explore new ways of being in the world. Horses give participants an “aha” experience and acknowledge intuitive insights and perceptions more accurately than humans ever could. Horses do not hold preconceived ideas of whom or what a person is, or how the person should be in the world. Horses are concerned with an individual’s honesty and congruence. To horses actions really are more powerful than words.

A recurring injury made it impossible for Megan to continue riding Westbound (Pohlands Westbound, a 10 year old South African Warmblood mare). Not ready to let Westbound go Megan saw EFEL (Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning) as the perfect opportunity to investigate the most basic assumptions about the horse-human bond.