What is EFEL?

Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL) is an interactive learning format in which horses are active participants in a process that facilitates the learning experience of human participants. The Epona Approachâ„¢ to Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning focuses on developing emotional intelligence and the expansion of self-awareness. This approach was developed by Linda Kohanov, author of "The Tao of Equus", "Riding Between the Worlds" and "Way of the Horse".

EFEL is about partnering with horses in order to:

  1. develop your potential in work or life effectiveness
  2. make significant improvements in areas of work-life balance, relationships, or personal well-being
  3. address specific challenges related to work or personal life
  4. explore your Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts your life
  5. learn how to create clear boundaries and responsibilities while staying connected and grounded in results

The tools you learn and experiences you have will help you change irrational thoughts and dysfunctional patterns, which have kept you stuck in a survival mentality, and help you shift into a thriving place for a more creative and productive life.

During the experience our equine partners will demonstrate:

  1. ways to set healthy boundaries
  2. how to recognize your involuntary physical responses to spatial proximity
  3. how to consciously and thoughtfully negotiate the challenges of modern life
  4. the possibilities in building relationships in your personal and professional life
  5. the importance of being aware of and interpreting the messages behind your emotions
  6. how to identify and work on self-limiting thoughts and behaviours that negatively impact results